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1400 Weber St. East

(Beside Bulk Barn)

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75 Dundas St.

(Beside Canadian Tire)

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1170 Fischer-Hallman Rd.

(Starbucks Plaza)

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At City Pizza, we aim to revolutionize the pizza world! How much does a cheeseburger usually cost? It usually costs around $1.00 or $2.00, so why should a slice of pizza cost $4.00??? ...Our revolutionary 99cent pepperoni slices have shocked other pizza franchises! We also offer everyday pizza specials that are low in price but high in quality! At first, you might be skeptical about our prices and think it’s a cheaper version of pizza with lower quality, but this is certainly not the case. Our 5 readers digest awards speak for themselves for the best pizza in the city. We use high quality Canadian Saputo Cheese; mixed with our freshly made every day in-store pizza dough and freshly made secret pizza sauce, so you can get a delicious high quality pizza pie! We keep our overhead costs low and pass on the savings to our customers! So Join the pizza revolution with us and spread the revolution. Your City, Your Pizza!

Franchise Opportunity

Interested in a City Pizza franchise? we offer low store royalties; only $600.00 including HST!
Are you tired of the big franchises, taking too much money from you? Tired of all the supply costs from royalties to advertising costs, most franchises overcharge the franchisee leaving them tired and unhappy. At City Pizza, we have talked to our suppliers and locked in lower prices for each and every store! Instead of taking the money, we pass over the discounted rates to our fellow franchisees. We believe in order to expand and maintain our successful stores, the franchisee must be happy.

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