Franchising began in 2016 and currently, there are 17 locations and growing!

The Franchise Revolution Is Here!

The monthly royalty rate is starting at a flat rate of $708.00 plus HST. We have started a franchise revolution as well, and strongly believe that the less money you take from the franchisee, the happier and more relaxed they will be. A happy franchisee makes for a successful franchise. Royalty rates are just starting at $708.00 a month flat. The busier you get, the more money you will make.

Advertising should not be a percentage for the head office to just make money, but to be actually spent towards advertising in order to sustain and increase your store sales and at the same time build a stronger franchise brand.

Turnkey Operation Cost



City Pizza is currently expanding into different cities throughout Ontario as well as other provinces.
If you are interested in receiving more information, please fill out the application.

Why City Pizza  

  • Established in 2001
  • Our success story is our low prices combined with our high-quality pizza.
    It is much safer economically as we target the mass population. Whether the country is in a recession or not, our low pizza prices always make for a great success story.
  • A proven system that works.
  • We provide training to our franchisees and ongoing support after the store opens.

Steps to Secure a City Pizza Franchise

1. You want to be your boss and take control of your life, fill out the application form to get started.
2. Are you financially secure to open a store and have the funds? City Pizza does offer to finance. You will need a 120k-150k down payment.
3. Secure a location
4. Training period will commence- we must make sure you are ready for success. Follow our training procedure to become fast, efficient, and successful in running your own business.
5. Building your store
-The store is turnkey. We will design and build your store and take care of all the permits and aspects of construction. We will cook the first pizza to make sure everything is perfect and flawless.
A supervisor will be with you at the beginning of your store opening and make sure everything runs smoothly. We won’t leave you alone, so don’t worry.
For more information regarding franchising
Call: 519-635-7277

Do I Have What It Takes?

-Friendly people skills
-Hard-working to pursue a greater goal of independence and be your boss
-Financially capable to secure funds to open a City Pizza store

Bahram Layeghi (B.Sc)


Behdade Layeghi (B.A.)


Paula Layeghi


Bill Chahal
Director of Project Management

Ryan Kaitting

Director of Commercial Leasing Real Estate

Frank Duranyik

Director of Financing (TD bank)

Yash Garg

Director of IT